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Hargens Inc. is a multi-trade contractor company. We started in August of 1982 as a C33 painting contractor and then went on to obtain a B general construction classification, a C43 sheet metal classification and finally a C20 heating, air conditioning and ventilation classification.

In these trades we have our very own highly-qualified technicians performing the work, which means we have full ownership of the results from beginning to end. This has been a great value to our ever expanding customer base in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us today to get more information on how we can help you with the work you'd like to get done.



Our emergency services include 7-days a week, around-the-clock board-up or cover-up from damage caused by fire, wind, motor vehicle impact to dwellings, and flooding.

We will also secure a building and can temporarily shore it up for safe entrance and exit.

We have been the contractor of choice for many leading insurance companies and property management firms. You can trust our 29 years of experience in this area.


Our services include restoring of your property to the condition it was in prior to the loss.

We can repair exterior walls from motor vehicle impact or fallen trees, rebuild a kitchen from a cook top fire, and, even in numerous cases, rebuild an entire home due to a major disaster.


Hargens Inc. has installed, replaced, repaired, and cleaned many thousands of feet of gutters and downspouts on thousands of homes, apartments, condominiums, churches, commercial and industrial buildings.

We install standard seamless prepainted aluminum, prepainted steel or custom galvanized and copper gutters specifically designed to your application. Our sheet metal service also includes custom fabrication of chimney decks, chimney pans, roof flashings, parapet wall capping, patio door flashing, skylights, planter boxes, architectural sheet metal, ornamental leader heads and custom ducting for furnaces.


In the 27 years we have been in business we have performed almost every type of painting that can be done. From application of the appropriate sealers and primers to the finishing of oil-based surfaces and/or latex, acrylics, stains (semi, opaque and soild), lacquers, varnishes, in all the available sheens, from flat, matte, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss to high gloss.

Preparation is the first step toward a lasting finish. Therefore, to get a great-looking finish coat and the beautiful, long-lasting results you expect, we properly prepare and apply primer/sealer to the surfaces we plan to paint. This approach creates wonderful results.

We are also able to match colors and stains.


Our plumbing service includes the smallest repairs such as changing a faucet or replacing supply lines to a clothes washer to the largest re-piping of residential homes.  With our C36 license classification we are able to perform 100% plumbing only jobs. So, don’t hesitate to contact us for any plumbing need you may have. Of course, as a general contractor, we can also integrate plumbing work in to a larger project such as a bathroom remodel or emergency restoration.

The advantage of using a plumber who is also a general contractor is that larger jobs often require the services of other skilled tradesmen to get the entire job done. We have such people on our staff, which means you don’t need to contract with another firm. This will get your job done faster, for less and have better quality control.


We have always been in the insurance repair industry. We repair commercial and residential buildings from water damage, fire damage, smoke/soot/odor damage and motor vehicle impact damage. 

We will work directly with your insurance carrier to provide an accurate scope of repairs and a fair competitive estimate.

We are on several "Direct Repair" insurance carrier repair programs.

Be assured that when you have us on the job, no work is started without the complete understanding and approval of the insurance company.

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